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Cloud Data Backup for Business: Carbonite Safe

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For small businesses to be protected from ransomware attacks, human mistakes, technology malfunctions, and natural calamities, cloud data backup is crucial. These occurrences may result in data loss and system outages, both of which can be quite expensive for your company. Small businesses may get robust cloud data backup and hybrid backup from Carbonite Safe® backup which is both inexpensive and simple to use.

With remote deployment and control, this cloud data backup software may be installed on one or more devices in a matter of minutes. You can design unique policies and remotely apply them to certain machines, groups of people, or organizational units. Automatic cloud data backup then guarantees that your data is recoverable in the event that something goes wrong with your company’s systems. To prevent bottlenecks, you can also plan backups around workflow and optimize bandwidth usage. Optional onsite backup guarantees the quickest recovery time and minimizes downtime.

Carbonite provides a solution that works for you, whether your business situation necessitates a cloud-only solution to safeguard machines or one that combines onsite and cloud protection to assure quick server and database recovery.

Introduction to Carbonite safe

When it comes to company cloud data backup options, Carbonite is a well-known brand, and its Carbonite Safe small business offering performs admirably in this iteration. Its compatibility with computers running just Apple macOS or Microsoft Windows 10 and its intended use for companies with no more than 25 endpoints are some of its limitations. These restrictions as well as the absence of mobile device backup support.

Introduction to Carbonite safe-Cloud Data Backup for Business

Despite these limitations, Carbonite Safe still provides a surprising amount of versatility and feature depth. One benefit is that it can back up virtual machines (VMs), as long as they are operating on the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor, in addition to physical machines. External hard disks and Network-attached storage (NAS) devices are also supported by Carbonite, but only as optional extras.

For basic and dependable cloud data backup for up to 25 computers per month, Carbonite is a great choice for remote employees and distributed teams. Because all of these products forgo more advanced functionality in favor of delivering slick and user-friendly client and management tools, Carbonite Safe is more comparable to Backblaze Business Backup.

How Carbonite safe works

You install Carbonite Safe as a software agent on the PC or server you want to secure. In a few easy steps, you may customize the solution with the aid of an intuitive installation wizard. The software automatically copies the chosen files and data from the source after installation is finished and transmits it to a safe cloud location. Additionally, it copies files that are being worked on right now. Any modifications you make are consequently immediately reflected in the cloud. By doing this, you can be sure that your files’ most recent version is safe.

Carbonite Safe stores older versions of files dating back 30 days in addition to the most recent copy in the cloud. In this method, if a file gets corrupted by a ransomware virus, you can go back and restore a previous version from a previous time. Never pay a ransom to retrieve your files.

The steps of cloud data backup with Carbonite safe:

  1. Install

The Carbonite Safe® backup program recognizes the files and folders you probably wish to protect once you download the installation file. Naturally, you have the option to select them yourself.

  1. Back up

Your files are instantly and securely copied to one of our cloud data backup centers once the software has started running. As you work on them, Carbonite Safe® discreetly records any changes you make in the background.

  1. Get well

Carbonite cloud data backup makes sure that all of your files are safe and instantly accessible from the cloud in case anything ever goes wrong with the contents on your computer or if something dreadful happens to the device itself.

Carbonite safe for data backup

Cloud data backup used to be something that only the biggest businesses had to worry about. However, today, all organizations, including very small ones, require an online data backup (VSBs).

Carbonite safe for data backup

The fact that small organizations require a backup and restore solution could come as a surprise to you. But this is accurate for a number of reasons:

  1. Regardless of size, data is the lifeblood of modern enterprises. Consider what would happen if your company was the victim of a cyberattack, an unintentional deletion, or a hardware problem. You might suddenly lose access to your critical paperwork, financial records, emails, customer information, databases, and applications. How long could you survive without everything? How would this impact your company’s daily operations and the confidence of your clients?
  2. Organizational ransomware gangs, evil insiders, more advanced malware, an increase in phishing attempts, and more frequent natural disasters are just a few of the challenges facing businesses today.
  3. Small enterprises are the current targets of cybercriminals. 44% of all ransomware attacks last year were against businesses with under 100 employees, according to data by Verizon, and ransomware is currently the #1 danger to VSBs.
  4. A cyber event may have a significant financial impact on you and, in the worst instance, might even ruin your company. According to research, the average hourly cost of downtime for small enterprises is between $50,000 and $100,000. What happens if there is a serious incident? Sadly, within six months of opening, up to 60% of small enterprises fail.


Carbonite is slick and easy to use, which removes a lot of the mystery around the challenges organizations have when setting up cloud data backup. Slow restorations and a lack of compatibility for mobile devices, however, considerably detract from it.

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