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IBM business automation workflow on cloud

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An integrated platform with a number of automation features, IBM business automation workflow on cloud helps business employees manage a variety of automation initiatives. With enormous opportunities to update experiences, increase efficiency, and uncover operational efficiencies in every area, digital business automation is revolutionizing company. Instead of just implementing technologies, the objective is to completely change the way work is done. Let’s follow us to find out IBM business automation workflow on cloud in this post!

What is IBM Business Automation Workflow on cloud?

Business process management and case management features are combined in IBM Business Automation Workflow, a workflow system. It combines case management and business process features into an unified workflow product. It provides a 360-degree view of the job by integrating information, process, and users.

IBM business automation workflow on cloud
IBM business automation workflow on cloud

Workflow also combines advanced analytics, business rules, and cooperation to promote more fruitful, improved business outcomes. Based on your requirements, you can select the deployment strategy that is most practical for your company. The functionalities of IBM Business Automation Workflow and IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud are identical.

How does IBM Business Automation Workflow operate?

With the support of the right insights, IBM Business Automation Workflow assists users in automating their digital spaces while also boosting productivity and efficiency levels when on the road. One of the main features of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is the software’s real-time integration of information, users, and processes, which enables users to automate digital workflows as needed.

Additionally, administrators can rely on the same to promote effective team cooperation, create procedures that can increase productivity levels, as well as to acquire fresh perspectives to quickly settle situations and consequently promote improved company outcomes.

It is also possible to rely on IBM Business Automation Workflow’s integrated BPM and case management solution to standardize and condense task-specific activity as necessary, simplifying smooth prioritization. Users can also develop recurring business workflows that combine case- and process-centric activity. The comprehensive feature set of IBM Business Automation Workflow is packed with several functions, including built-in analytics, virtual machines & container technologies, content-centric applications, and workflow management.

IBM business automation workflow on cloud
IBM business automation workflow on cloud

5 Things You Need to Know About IBM’s Business Automation Workflow on Cloud

Process Designer will endure

With BAW, users who are used to the outdated P8 Process Designer, which relied on Java Applets, will be able to begin creating workflows using IBM BPM Process Designer, a web-based workflow design tool. It provides a more contemporary interface for developing workflows, one with more functionality, flexibility, and expandability. It is also BPMN-compliant, allowing users to create a process in a variety of programs like Blueworks Live or Visio and import it!

Workflow for business automation is not a rip-and-replace project

Instead of being a revolution, BAW is an evolution. Everything will continue to function since the P8 Process Engine you’re familiar to will remain in place. Everything you’re used to and have deployed will continue to work the same way it always has without modification.

The majority of your work will involve being familiar with BAW Process Designer (as opposed to P8 Process Designer) workflow building and learning new IBM terminology within the Case Builder. Are you curious about how IBM Business Automation Workflow will be upgraded? Make sure to obtain a free evaluation. See the article’s conclusion for further information.

The user interface will continue to be IBM Content Navigator

Knowing that all customizations and work put into training and learning to utilize Content Navigator are still valid will allow you to breathe easier. Additionally, this experience will make it simpler to quickly acclimate to different DBA platform technologies.

Be aware that IBM now refers to its navigation tool as “IBM Navigator” rather than “IBM Content Navigator.” Although it may be unclear at first, when IBM mentions Navigator, they are referring to your “Content Navigator.”

Now called “Activities,” “Tasks”

Recall your tasks? Well, they are now referred to as Activities. This is fundamentally a beneficial change because using the term “activities” is more consistent with the industry’s name for process pieces. The majority of these modifications are cosmetic, but the first step in integrating the once distinct products will be to learn and comprehend the language that will be utilized moving forward with the workflow pillar. It’s crucial to use consistent terminology early on in the implementation process so you can follow talks about BAW.

IBM business automation workflow on cloud
IBM business automation workflow on cloud

IBM is still developing the Business Automation Workflow user interfaces

We advise you to start becoming familiar with IBM’s BPM Process Designer because the company is still developing additional user interfaces for BAW and integrating them into Navigator. Instead of concentrating on the user interface, which will change in the future, concentrate on the backend procedure. For the time being, we’ll still use that tool.

The BPM Process Designer is a brand-new tool for creating workflows, but it doesn’t fundamentally alter how you create workflows. You will need to retrain yourself in the BPM Process Designer if you are still using P8 Process Designer and are familiar with the UI and all of its peculiarities.

Even though this isn’t a major upgrade in terms of technology, there have been significant changes made to the way we define workflow and a lot of the lingo used by IBM products. You can use this improved workflow engine right away if you’re prepared for these changes.


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