Laptop Backpack For Women: 6 Backpack You Should Consider To Buy!

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Laptop Backpack For Women. If you’ve recently resumed commuting to work, you understand how important it is to choose the best laptop backpack to carry with you. While a standard cotton tote bag would suffice, there is nothing worse than losing your wallet, keys, or daily planner at the bottom of your bag.

Not to mention that having a secure, zip-up location for your laptop as well as your work phone is a game changer. So Marie Claire spoke with the pros—a.k.a. Women who appreciate having a laptop bag for work and are knowledgeable about what to look for—the best work backpacks that hold your laptop.

How to Choose the Laptop Backpack For Women

In 2022, say no to backpacks with no compartments! Laptop backpacks are designed to make it easier for people, so look for ones with lots of cool design details. If you don’t have to reach into your bag’s biggest compartment to pull out one of your basics every moment you want to change a song as well as put your book away, your commute will feel more seamless.

“Organization is essential when shopping for a laptop backpack!” says Shah. “To maintain your essentials in place, I always look for considerate design details such as interior pockets as well as built-in laptop sleeves.”

Laptop Backpack For Women

Here is the list of Laptop Backpack For Women we would like to share with you!

Calpak Kaya Laptop Backpack

Laptop Backpack For Women: If you’re looking for a no-fuss backpack that will not look out of place at your next happy hour with your coworkers, this one from Calpak is a must-have. The classic look is created by the simple square silhouette as well as black detailing.

It is available in a variety of colors, including lavender, pale pink, and black. It’s slim and lightweight, with a devoted laptop zippered compartment at the back. It also has several inner compartments to maintain you organized while you’re on the go.

  • Pros: It costs less than $200, comes in a variety of colors, does have a dedicated laptop sleeve, and multiple interior pockets, and fits over a suitcase.
  • Cons: At 3 pounds, it is heavier than similar backpacks; some reviewers said it appeared bulky.

Everlane The ReNew Transit Backpack

Everlane The ReNew Transit Backpack
Everlane The ReNew Transit Backpack

Look no further than this bag from the sustainable brand Everlane if you want a roomy bag with lots of containers that isn’t too bulky. Not only does its style have a large interior, however, but the exterior of this well-liked bag also has two large front zip pockets where you can tuck several items for easy access.

It comes in a variety of wearable colors, including black, this sleek grayish white, and a refreshing minty green. It also has 2 compartments for water bottles.

    • Pros: Fits a 15-inch laptop; costs less than $200; includes two water bottle holders; has an interior zip pocket for security; as well as several exterior pockets for easy access.
    • Cons: When full, it can appear bulky.

Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

“This is my go-to backpack for long trips as well as long subway rides where I don’t want to bother with a regular bag. The interior laptop pocket is sufficient to accommodate my 14-inch computer and includes a padded cushion to protect my expensive piece of technology.

Mary Poppins and I share one thing in common: we both carry a seemingly endless bag filled with the most random items. I usually carry a lot with me, and this Hershel bag is large enough to hold everything I need while also having a chic exterior that just doesn’t clash with what I’m wearing—yes, this is important.” Freelance Beauty Writer Alexis Gaskin.

  • Pros: It costs less than $200; it fits up to a 15-inch laptop; it has padded shoulder straps; it has multiple interior pockets, and it is closed with a drawstring and leather straps. Amazon’s top-rated product.
  • Cons: There is no dedicated water bottle compartment; it is not waterproof.

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